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High Quality Cigarette Cardboard Printing Machine
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High Quality Cigarette Cardboard Printing Machine



Model WY-700 gravure printing machine is designed as a kind of high speed gravure printing machine which aims at the feature of paper. It combines the high speed printing with high finished product rate and adopts the standard modular gravure printing method. The width of printing is 60mm and the operating speed is 120m’/min, which turns out to be the best equipment for paper printing.

Fully considering the feature of paper printing and its follow-up processing, the design for printing machine should have the double station non-stopping autopaster device to ensure the efficient functioning of machine in the whole process.

New technology and accessory are widely used in its development & design, which greatly improves the capacity and reliability of machine. The control of  machine is based on professional PLC.



1. Length of roller: 700mm

2. Width of printing: 6000mm

3. Diameter: Φ140-Φ320mm

4. Cylinder diameter: Φ75mm

5. Unwinding and rewinding station: single

6. Printing speed: 80-120m/min

7. Unwinding and rewinding dia: Φ1300mm

8. Printing method: gravure printing

9. Printing color: 5 colors

10. Total weight: about 10 tons

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