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Tobacco Primary Processing Pilot Line
  • Huangpu,Guangzhou
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With more than 16 years tobacco industry technology research and design experience, we developed “small capacity, low cost but high quality” tobacco processing technology and machines for match the pilot primary processing line. Capacity is from 200kg to 1000kg.

The whole producing procedure can be divided into following sections: lamina processing section, cut-lamina processing section, stem processing section, cut-tobacco blending section, Burley tobacco processing section.

Section 1.  Lamina processing

This section includes the procedure of bale opening, vacuum humidifying, loosening, conditioning, casing and storing, etc.

Section 2. Cut-lamina processing section

This section includes the procedure of lamina cutting, constant flow rate control, cut-lamina expansion and drying, etc.

Section 3. Stem-processing section

This section includes increasing temperature and moisture, storing, cutting, expansion drying, etc.

Section 4. Cut-tobacco blending section

This section is to blend cut-lamina, cut-stem, expanded cut-tobacco and reconstitute tobacco in proportion according to batch formula by pass through auto feeders.

Section 5. Burley tobacco processing section

This section is for blended cigarette production. It consists of multi casing application unit, burley tobacco toaster and storing unit.

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