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UpperBond rebuilds machines of all ages

    All machines have their life circle, so as Upperbond high quality machines, No matter with how diligent careness  and maintainance, someday you might find out the machines are no longer performing well  as they used to.

    We are now offering a “rejuvenating cure” for your aging UpperBond machines! You can choose to make full use of our decades of experience offered by our rebuild specialists in the UpperBond network.

    1. Maintenance and modernization
    The basic package service  provided by our modular rebuild programme , which is  a  great deal more than conventional service and maintenance. By close cooperation with our customers, we develop intelligent and indepth concepts for your machines.
    2. Partial overhaul
    A partial overhaul of your machine include a great deal more than a mere maintenance and repair operation. By close coopeation, we collaboratively determine which combination of modules is make your machines funtion best.

    3. General overhaul – relight the fire!
    High-quality, full rebuild “as new” is a cost-efficient alternative to an expensive new machine.
    The complete dismantling and remodelling of your machine with verified, overhauled and new OEM quality components, as well as the tailored upgrade to state-of-the-art technology, will leave your tried and tested machine as good as new once again.
    4. Relocation Cascading
    Relocating cigarette and filter making machinery can be a complicated job, particularly when machines have to be adjusted to suit different conditions at the new factory site. Converting your machinery before and not after commissioning is a huge time and money saver. Your makers can start production at the new location immediately and reliably. With no delays.
    Thanks to our large stock of old machines, we are able to provide advance performance and supply you, for example, with a rebuild of one of our old machines. We can also offer you tailor-made, high-quality rebuild machines, without the need for you to contribute a machine from your own production line.     

    5.Rebuilding Machine Type

    (1) cigarette make PROTOS 70

        i . speeds up to7,000 cpm repectly.The line's standard equipment and optional features take account of the latest developments and technical possibilities.

PROTOS 70-CH Cigarette Making and Filter Assembling Group consists of Model PROTOS 70-CH Cigarette Making Machine and Filter Assembling Machine. Its downstream device can be Tray Filler or linkage equipment to packer, with the features below:
        (i) High speed: the production speed of cigarette can reach 7000cig/min, rod speed is 490m/min.

        (ii) Top quality of cigarette : it performs the functions of inspecting air leakage,  loose ends, soft and hard spots and rejecting the unqualified cigarettes automatically.

        (iii) Complete trouble- shooting system: it has the effects of diagnosis, alarm, displaying the faults then stop, analyzing and adding up the faults automatically.

        (iv) Perfect control system for cigarette weight: it can offset automatically and save cut tobacco by use of target weight.

        (v) Automatic production process system: it has the functions of monitoring, analysis , statistics, handling to the processing datum and outputting in forms automatically.

    ii Mechanical rebuilding work:

  • Rebuilt machine retains its welldesigned mechanical structure and its original sturdy cast iron frame. Rebuilding is a thorough process that involves taking everything apart, checking structural elements for reusability and then reworking and surface-treating parts or replacing them if necessary.
  • All standard parts like screws, bearings and seals and all wearing parts are replaced.
  • The mechanical drives for the steep-angle conveyor, the needle roller, the pump gluing system and the main drive are replaced by maintenance-free motors.

   iii Control system rebuild work:

  • All electrical components are replaced and all switch cabinets integrated within the machine.
  • The machine control system is replaced by Siemens S7 PLC and an industrial-type PC. The Siemens S7 PLC features modern control system design, while the PC is configured for easy parameter entry and to display reports and machine status messages.
  • The entire line is controlled via a touch-sensitive TFT screen integrated in the SE´s operating panel.
  • All quality-relevant sensors, SRM, inspection drum, densed-end monitor, ORIS and OTIS (both optional) are designed as independent `slaves`and are connected to the control system via a CAN bus.

(2)KDF 2

     i.  KDF2 Filter Rod Making Combination includes YL12D Tow Processor, YL22D Filter Rod Maker, and YJ35D Tray Filler. It is an updated type of filter rod making combination improved from AF2/KDF2/HCF80 (HAUNI).It keeps the traditional advantage of structure and adopts advanced techniques of SERVO controller, communication and inspection. Its operation is very stably, and can produce high quality filter rod. Production Speed reaches 400m/min.

    (i)The electrical control system adopts SIEMENS S7-300 PLC control system.

    (ii)This combination reserves the interfaces of factory informationization and network.

    (iii) Man-machine interface makes it easy to communicate between operator and machines.

    (iv)Plugwrap Splicing  at any speed can avoid large fluctuation of machine speed , which can greatly increase the filter rod quality and production efficiency.

    (v)Driving and driven linkage with 5 servo motors is adopted for the system. Mechanical power loss won’t occur. High accuracy electronic synchronous drive for the system realizes synchronous speed and phase which intensifies original mechanical driving performance.

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