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Molasses Tobacco Packing Machine for Overwrapper
  • Huangpu, Guangzhou
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Molasses Tobacco Packing Machine for Overwrapper


The machine is suitable for packing tobacco, molasses,mustard, chili sauce etc.  The integrated processes of bag making, measuring filling, sealing cutting, counting and hot pressing codes can be done automatically. Packing material includes several kinds of heat seal lamination, such as PET/plated AL/PE, PET/PE, PAPER/PE, NYLON etc.


 1. Working Speed  18 cartons/min
 2. PLC   Siemens
 3. Text Display  YB43
 4. Technical Ducoment  English only
 5. Ambient Temp  18-23℃
 6. Ambient RH  50-85% RH
 7. Compressed Air  From 3-C154 connect to come over
 8. Diameter Supply Line  compress air, Inside diameter 8-10mm nylon tube
 9. Voltage  380 V, 3 Phase 60 HZ
 10. Connected Load:  2.12 KW
 11. Safety Loop Voltage  24 V
 12.Neutral wire required  yes
 13. Year two class preparation  According to user’s needs to order

1.nature: Polypropylene BOPP for heat-sealed, can be stretched in vertical two ways. The specification should conform to the Nation Standard GB/12026-89.

2. dosage 19-23g/ m2

3. width 350mm

4. diameter of bobbin core diameter 75mm

17.Tear strip

1.Nature of Anti-stretch is strong,force of break no less than 10N, plain and straight, without spirals.

2. width 2.5mm

3. diameter of core diameter 28mm

4. dosage 40-70g/ m2



1. All stainless steel cover meets to GMP standard.

2. equipped with antipollution and dustproof device.

3. Automatic adjustment of pouch size and filling range.

4. Photocell controller is easy to manipulate.

5. Automatic self support lubricating system, the machine can work 24 hours

6. The operation facility is controlled by American Intel computer, all function is displayed with digital screen.

7. Minimum sealing temperature variation employs PID temperature; the tolerance is controlled by ± 2%.

8. Along with assembling automatic no packing alarm system, help user to economize cost.

9. Equipped with easy open system.


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