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MK9 Cigarette Making Machine
  • T/T, L/C
  • Light Grey
  • 4 - 5 Months
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Product Details

380V 50Hz MK9 Cigarette Making Machine With Automatic Reject System

PRODUCTION PROCESS: Cigarette rolling, Plug-filter assembling, Tray filling 






MK9 = Cigarette rolling machine + Cigarette assembling machine + Tray filling machine 


Cigarette rolling machine:  To wrap cut-tobacco into tobacco rod, then transfer to Plug-filter machine unite 


Cigarette assembling machine: To combine filter and tobacco rod together into a finished cigarette wraping with Tipping paper 


Tray filling machine: To put cigarette into trays automatically, instead of operation manually, will improve machine efficiency greatly.

With the introduce of Technology from Europe, MK9 is a high speed automatic cigarette making machine which can make different size of cigarette according to client's specific demand like KING SIZE, SLIM SIZE, SUPPER SLIM, NANO SIZE etc. This is a combination of three machine units of various function. Microwave weighting system is applied to identify faulty cigarette and reject automatically.SEIMENS PLC control system is anther spot light of the machine where machine will be monitored easily.


Different size of cigarette can be made in various speed like KING SIZE, SLIM SIZE, SUPPER SLIM, NANO SIZE etc.


The finished goods of MK9 cigarette maker can be smoked already while the next production process is cigarette packaging (into packet and carton).




Output: 5000cig/min for the king size cigarettes

Frequency: 50Hz

3500cig/min for the super slim cigarettes

Total power: 50KVA

Cigarette parameter

Outside dimensions

Filter-cigarette length: 65 ~110± 0.5 mm

Cigarette maker : 3630× 1270 × 1870mm

Tobacco rod length: 55 ~90 mm

Plug assembler: 3340×1340× 1820mm

Cigarette diameter: φ 5.4 ~φ 9.0 mm

Tray Filler : 2350×2400× 2100mm

Power supply: 380V ± 10%(3phases)

Total weight: 8600kg


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