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High Speed MK9 Cigarette Making And Assembling Combination
  • UBDM1
  • Huangpu, Guangzhou
  • T/T, L/C
  • Green
  • 3-4 months
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Product Details

High Speed MK9 Cigarette Making And Assembling Combination

Production Process:  Cigarette Tobacco rod making and Assembling of  Tobacco Rod and Filter Rod.


Configuration: Maker+ Assembler+ Tray Filler

It can be customized to produce king size cigarettes(7.8mm x 84mm), super slim cigarettes or kreteks with different size. The cigarette weight can be inspected,and the faulty cigarettes will be rejected online automatically. This type of combination has been sold to Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, widely popular in the international marketplace.

Technical Highlights:

1.  The cigarette cutting system uses the double-knife single-cutting system with lower-rise temperature and lower noise. This gives the very good quality of the cigarette cut.

2.  The complete suction system and high air pressure system .

3.  The hopper system adopts AC servo motor to directly drive the tobacco cutting system. The timing belts are used instead of the gears, so the even tobacco-feeding is greatly improved and the maintenance cost is reduced as well.

4.  It adopts AC servo driving system that simplifies the mechanical structures and reduces the failure and maintenance cost, and improves the transmission precision.

5.  Electric control system:

   - Control center: it adopts the SIEMENS PLC S7-300 series.

   - Weight controller: the microwave weight control system is adopted to avoid any harm to people.

   - Man-machine interface: The SIEMENS touch screen provides friendly man-machine interface, which displays the machine status and production data precisely. It is also convenient to modify the system parameter and check out the failure.

Main Parameters:

Output: 5000cig/min for the king size cigarettes

Frequency: 50Hz

3500cig/min for the super slim cigarettes

Total power: 50KVA

Cigarette parameter

Outside dimensions

Filter-cigarette length: 65 ~110± 0.5 mm

Cigarette maker : 3630× 1270 × 1870mm

Tobacco rod length: 55 ~90 mm

Plug assembler: 3340×1340× 1820mm

Cigarette diameter: φ 5.4 ~φ 9.0 mm

Tray Filler : 2350×2400× 2100mm

Power supply: 380V ± 10%(3phases)

Total weight: 8600kg

Making Process Requirements:

1. Ambient conditions

   a. Temperature: 20℃--30℃

   b. Relative humidity: 62%--68%

2. Paper bobbin

   a. Tensile strength ≥0.85KN/m

   b. Extensibility >1.6%

   c. Humidity: 6%±1.5%

   e. Joint number <1/1000 m

3. Width: 48±0.3 mm

   a. Thickness: 0.04mm~0.05 mm

4. Cut tobacco

   a. Grade: A

   b. Humidity: 12.5%±0.5%

5. Compress air: 5.5bar

6. Viscosity of VPA

   a. For the maker: 2500mPa.s-5000mPa.s

   b. For the assembler: 5000mPa.s-10000mPa.s

MK9 Cigarette Making Machine

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