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International Marketing / Follow-up

1.With many overseas big project, our working language is English.the candidates shall be : 
Passed CET6 test ,TEM 8 priority, with excellent English written & verbal communication skills;
strong commercial awareness and negotiation skills, strong ability of development , good communication with customers;
2.With strong learning ability , more than one year foreign sales experience   preferred , outstanding graduates acceptable;explore potential customers and maintain good customer relationship independently;
3.Familiar with the import and export trade processes and customer management processes, with a solid foundation of know-ledge in related fields;
4. Honest, serious, with teamwork and hard-working spirit, good communication skills; proactive, sincere and with clear objectives;
5.Mechanical and material industry related work experience is preferred;

6.Familiar with the online trading platform B2B (English Alibaba, Made in China) operations, establish customer relationships through intern’l network platforms such as Alibaba etc.


International partners
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