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CTP-L100/200 Cigarette Laser Perforation Machine Off Line
  • HUANGPU, Guanzhou
  • T/T, L/C
  • 2 months
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CTP-L100/200 Cigarette Laser Perforation Machine Off Line

Production Process:  Tipping paper making 


CTP-L100/200 Cigarette Laser Perforation Machine Off Line is mainly used to perforate in the cigarette tipping pape.

CTP-L100/200 Laser Perforation Machine Off Line is composed of optics, mechanical drive and electric control. It is typical optical-mechanical-electrical integration equipment.




1. Microcomputer intelligent Control system from German SIMEMS offer a convenient operation.


2. Laser generator adopts U.S. SYNAD RF RF-excited CO 2 100W laser, with long working life and high stability.


3. The LCD screen display: demonstrate various work parameters to make operation more intuitionistic.


4. Mechanical corrective devices ensure the punch edge distance and the flat panel face.


5. Shortcut function keys make easy operation. A click-to-get.


6. Fault Diagnosis Equipment shows failure directly on LCD screen for easy maintain.


7. Rewinding system adopts Japanese YASKAWA VS-606V7 Inverter systems with high reliability.


8. Strong function of eliminate waste: remove the product exhaust gas and maintain fresh air for production environment.





Max Diameter of Tipping roll :  510mm
Width of Tipping paper :          48mm-68mm


Speed of Perforation :            40m/min-250m/min
Diameter of Perforation :           Min 80×80um Max 400×200um
Density of Perforation :           5-30pcs/cm(adjusted)
Perforation style :              both sides, 1-2 rows each side (Adjusted)

                                          both sides, 1-4rows each side (Adjusted)

                                          both sides, 1-6 rows each side (Adjusted)

Laser Power :        100W (import)/200W(import)
Air permeability :  100CU-1500CU
Itability :              <6%
Input power supply :     AC220V50Hz
Max output power :      <5KW
Outside size :             1700×1550×850mm
Working temperature :     20°C-25°C
Weight :                            1.1Ton

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