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GDX1 Cigarette Packing Machine For Soft Packet
  • GDX1
  • Huangpu, Guangzhou
  • T/T
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  • 2-3 months
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Product Details

GDX1 Cigarette Packing Machine For Soft Packet


GDX1 Cigarette Packing Machine is also a medium-speed model, capable of producing 400 soft packets per minute. It was developed on the basis of X1SC/4350/PACK-OW, which technology was introduced through the Technology Transfer Agreement between G.D, and China National Tobacco Corp. It consists of an YB15 Tray Feeder, an YB25 Cigarette Soft Packer, an YB55 Cellophaner, an YB65 Cartoner and an YB95 Overwrapper.


The entire working process, from cigarettes feeding to carton overwrapping, is completed automatically without any manual contact. The settings of machine operation, quality control, shift reporting, enhanced stoppage analysis, machine status, diagnostics and system calibration are achieved entirely digitally by the brand new MICRO-II system with integrated touch screens.

GDX1 won the third prize at the Technology and Improvement Competition by State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in 1998.


Technical Data

Production Capacity:      400 packets/min (40 cartons/min) 

Cigarette Specifications 

Diameter                        φ7.8mm 
Length                           84mm 
Cigarette Collation:        7-6-7 

Packet Dimension:         86mm ×54.5mm ×22.5mm 

Stamp Specifications 

Width:                           19mm ~23mm 
Length:                         42mm~50mm 

Carton Dimension:        274mm × 87.5mm × 46.5mm 

(American and European style) 

Noise Level:                  ≤85 dB(A) 
Power:                          19.1kw 
Weight:                         9370kg 

Floor Area:                   7300mm × 7600mm 

(All the products specification can be configured upon customized requirements.)

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