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YB95 Overwrappered Exquisite Packaging Machine
  • YB95
  • Huangpu, Guangzhou
  • T/T
  • Green
  • 2-3 month
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Product Details

YB95 Overwrapped Exquisite Packaging Machine




YB95 over wrapper exquisite packaging machine (Abbreviation:YB95) is remolded from Italy prototype GDX1-4350CV. With little reformation is the overall configuration, YB95 applies brand new dedicated designed  parts of over 80 in type which makes YB95 greatly fit into packaging requirements (along with cigarette carton transfer device, Power station, Exclusive electricity control system).


The manually cigarette feeding system is totally developed on our own as a brand new feature. The major purpose is to add previous test-failed carton or out-of -shape handmade carton manually into the transferring tape which will lead to qualified product outcome over wrapper packaging.







Rated Capacity

 25 cartons/min

Transfer Tape Power

 0.37 KW

Main Motor Power

 1.5 KW 

Output Maximum Speed


Output Minimum Speed



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