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MC15 Tobacco cutting machine
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Product Details

MC15 Tobacco cutting machine

Production Process: Tobacco cutting 


Cutting width: 0.2-3mm   Capacity: 3-15kg/h 


Purpose and scope


MC15-I rotary drum cutting machine applies to cut lamina with the speed of 200g/batch-20 kg/batch in the lab. The cutting width is adjustable at the range of 0.3-2 mm easily.

MC15-I rotary drum cutting machine also applies to cutting and processing in the food or Chinese medicine processing research and the cutting width is adjustable at the range of 1-6 mm easily.

This cutter is wide scope, easy to use and maintain, advanced control function and cutting width is free to set and adjust.


Main Parameter

Item Unit Parameter

Cutting width : 0.3-2mm

Rated capacity:  3-15kg/h

Knife door height :  7mm

Knife door width : 100mm

Blade quantity: 2 pcs

Drum speed:  50-300 rpm

Installed power : 0.5 kw

Weight : 90 kg

Overall dimension : 550*400*395 mm

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