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High Speed Tipping Paper Cutting Machine ZBS-320
  • UBD10B-6
  • Guangzhou Port
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Product Details

High Speed Tipping Paper Cutting Machine ZBS-320

Detail descriptions of machine

This machine is a new model of high grade cutter. It is obciously improved in some sectors such as operating speed, cutting width and automation extent,etc.compared with the original twin-shaft cutter. It′s a decice matching with full-speed huon pine paper press.

1The rising&falling of the pneumatic rock arm is for loading,offering Φ75 new air inflatable shaft,,nitsubishi magnetic powder brake and full digital intelligent constant tension controller. 

2Adopt integral offset rectification formation of unwinding rack electric eye imported form German,offset rectification controlled via PLC program and limitation alarm and course displaying function .   

3cutting adopts pneumatic clutch,Firm double-action structure,full auto control action,thickened cast iron wall,stable operation,twin-shaft winding,rock arm rising&falling hydraulic control. 

4loading and unloading system selects slide-rail structure,electric&pneumatic combination and the finished product material roll can be automatically loaded on to the material collecting cart. 

5Siemens programmable logic controller controls all the actions and linkage interlock.pneumatically display action, automatically count length, frequency-converting speed regulating,alarming when no material and importing electric components.


Technical Parameter

Main Technical Parameters:
Max.Unwinding Width 950mm
Max.Unwinding Diameter φ1000mm
Max.Rewinding Diameter φ600mm
Min.Cutting Width 25mm
Max.Cutting Speed 300m/min
Total Power 5.5KW


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