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High Speed Tipping Paper Gravure Printing Machine
  • UBD10B-2
  • TT, L/C,WU
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Tipping paper Gravure Printing Machine


Machine model: ZWY-650F Gravure Printing Machine 


Usage range: Tipping paper printing machine


Machine running speed: 90m/min


Printing Width: 

Maximum input width 600mm

Maximum print width 590mm


Printing repeat perimeter: 510-570m


Printing speed: 30-90m/min


Performance Guarantee: overprint precision: ±0.15mm


Printing Machine parameters:

1.4 colour Gravure print

2.Print plate use with-axial form

3.Main machine with standard unreeling device and draw back rolling device.

4.Upper computer system control.

5.Unreeling: Spool maximum Outer Diameter 1100mm

6.   Spool internal diameter: 7.5mm

Print machine for tipping paper

6.  Rolling:

Spool maximum Outer Diameter 1100mm

Spool internal diameter 7.5mm

7.  With Automatic Tension control system.


Power Capacity& Power Supply

3 phase power: 380V/50Hz

Rated power: 170kw

Compressed air consumption: 0.3M3/H   pressure: 0.5Mpa

Machine color: White color


(1)  Weinan Kesai vision-adjust system

(2)  Main power use frequency converter control

(3)  LC Lower computer intelligent control system

(4)  Ningxia tension controller and magnetic powder brake.

(5)  PST computer vision system.





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