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PROTOS 70 Cigarette Making and Filter Assembling Group
  • Huangpu, Guangzhou
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PROTOS 70 Cigarette Making and Filter Assembling Group

Cigarette Making and Filter Assembling Group consists of Model PROTOS 70 Cigarette Making Machine and Filter Assembling Machine. Its downstream device can be Tray Filler or linkage equipment to packer.


1. High speed: the production speed of cigarette can reach 7000cig/min, rod speed is 490m/min.

2. Top quality of cigarette : it performs the functions of inspecting air leakage, loose ends, soft and hard spots and rejecting the unqualified cigarettes automatically.

3. Complete trouble- shooting system: it has the effects of diagnosis, alarm, displaying the faults then stop, analyzing and adding up the faults automatically.

4. Perfect control system for cigarette weight: it can offset automatically and save cut tobacco by use of target weight.

5. Automatic production process system: it has the functions of monitoring, analysis , statistics, handling to the processing datum and outputting in forms automatically.


Rod speed

Production Capacity  7000cig./min
Cigarette Circumference  21.7mm-28.3mm
Cigarette Length  65mm-120mm
Filter Rod Length  10mm-25mm(1rod/6) 15mm-35mm(1rod/4)
Total Power  47KVA
Dimension(L× W× H)  6740mm×6030mm×2600mm(U)

Total Weight


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