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FY10 Reclaimer for Rejected Cigarette
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FY10 Reclaimer for Rejected Cigarette

Production Process:  Cigarette making and tobacco recycling 




FY10 reclaimer is used to recycle tobacco from rejected cigarette in cigarette making step. Green Cigarette Reclaimer 7.45KW Small Volume  Low Noise


The equipment overall structure is fully-enclosed box-type and composed of the function of feeding, loosing, ordering, pressing.

FY10 Reclaimer for Rejected Cigarette 


It is specific equipment used for reclaiming rejected tobacco from cigarette making combination ,with features of cramped structure ,fine appearance ,small volume and low noise. The way of opening cigarette rod keeps high length ratio, low paper scraps content without lowing down grade or changing its moisture and colour of the cutting tobacco, which can be directly used for making cigarette. The equipment can be installed in cigarette making-packing workshop and made complement to cigarette making combination.


Structural Feature:

The equipment overall structure is fully-enclosed box-type and composed of the function of feeding ,loosing ,ordering ,pressing and transferring ,rod opening ,tearing ,stripping ,cut rag-paper separating ,cut rag-shorts separating , dedusting ,metal testing and automatic controlling etc.


Operation Principle:

This machine transports cigarette to the vibrating screen of comb arrangement through constant feeder. After combed by the arrangement of vibrating screen, cigarettes pass to the belt of main engine equably and lengthways. Then the belt of main engine bring the lengthways arrangement unqualified cigarette to the blade impressing institutions, and impress it. As the belt of main enginerunning, the impressed unqualified cigarette is brought into article open institutions. After rolling into first and second screening, the cigarette paper, tobacco and powder are separated and transported out separately through discharge hole.


Main Technical Specifications:


Production capacity


Recovery rate

≥ 90%

The whole silk rate

≥ 70%(base on the whole silk rate)

Including paper   scraps rate of tobacco

< 1%

Recovery of tobacco quality

Can use by the original level

Installed capacity




Floor space

5m2 ~ 7m2

Overall dimensions


5000×1400×1800(series of products)


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