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FY33 Cigarette Ripping And Recycling Line
  • Huangpu, Guangzhou
  • L/C, T/T
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FY33 Cigarette Ripping And Recycling Line


FY33 cigarette ripping and recycling line is made up of 9 parts,namely the feeding unit, the vibrating trough,the dampening belt head, the preliminary vibrating screen, the two-directional vibrating screen the wind-supplying system, the belt conveyor, the shredded tobacco vibrating screen and the electrical control system, it is the ideal special equipment for cigarette factory to process waste cigarettes and recover the cut shredded tobacco.

The line adopts the unique process of "light dampen method" and the special ripping device to make the consumption of the shredded tobacco be the least and the recycled tobacco be the same quality as the original one. With PLC system and two modes of starting - manual and auto,it is reliable in performance.It is features of compact structure, small area, low noise and easy repair and maintenance.

cigarette recycling


Rated capacity

 100 kg/h (12±1% water content of the waste of the waste cigarette)
Shredded tobacco recovering rate  ≧ 90%
Shredded tobacco purity  ≥98%
Fine shredded tobacco content  ≦1.5%
Motor power 110.72 kw
Total weight  3513 kg


Keep the waste cigarettes to be processed clean and no foreign matters are mixed. The water contents of material is 12±1% . The conservation is less than 24 hours, pre-process extra-long cigarette should be within 100 mm.

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