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 1.Consulting: benefit from Upperbond’s unique expertise in Primary and Secondary Line
    Upperbond has the experience and expertise to help you optimize your processes. .

    (1) Global Process Optimization (GPO) Consultancy Service: optimize all working processes from Primary to Secondary by our specialist and consultant Team, which including in-depth analyses, weak points and sources of errors detect   identifying untapped potential, etc,so as to implement all-round solutions The aim is to cut the cost of production. Our unique experience in tobacco processing and cigarette manufacturing enables us to identify the synergy between quality parameters and these two procedures. 
    (2)GPO Objectives:

    Optimum tobacco usage rate comparing to consumption ;

    Improve efficiency between productivity and  Quality;
    Improve process methodologies to ensure optimum filling power and rag
length control during whole cigarette production process;

    Upperbond’s expertise skill and  knowledge  guarantee you lower manufacturing costs but with high quality!

2.Engineering: Advice on Process Optimization and Technical Support
    Manufacturing System might undergo changes with time that can have a negative impact on your system's efficiency, which due to a number of factors, outdated equipment with limited space and an overwhelming variety of material or processes that have been changed or extended at various points.
  Upperbond Computer simulations based on model library serve to safeguard the selected solution concept , and at the same time verifying the management concept, ultimately ensuring  no unexpected problem happen during the implementation process.


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