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IMS-W8B Infrared Moisture Measurement

This machine is used to measure moisture content in a wide rang of material in order to control it w

Tobacco Primary Processing Pilot Line

Tobacco Processing Equipment Primary Pilot Line with Capacity 200kg - 1000kg. It is small capac

Tobacco Threshing Production Line

The tobacco threshing production line is used for gathering and threshing the leaf. This non-stander

MH4 Laboratory Tobacco Processing machine

MH4 Laboratory Tobacco Processing machine is used to self-developed food, cigarette, medicine, heate

BYJ Tobacco Sewing Machine

The tobacco sewing machine is used to arrange the tobacco leaves or vegetable leaves and sewing them

Cut Tobacco Drier

This machine is designed to bake cut tobacco into dry level in high quality. Great performance and l

Hot Air Fluidized Cut-Stem Drier

Hot Air Fluidized Cut-tobacco Drier Special designed air heating system and structure, energy save.&

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