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UPPERBOND is Specialized in Tobacco Machinery/Equipment, closely cooperating with Fortune 500 partners, such as SIPPR Engineering Group Co., Ltd 、China Tobacco Machinery, we extend our service to big Project , EPC(Engineering, Procurement & Construction).   Our main target markets are Europe East, Middle East,  Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Spa
UpperBond Anniversary Gathering

Upperbond Anniversary Gathering witness our staff versatile in dancing, singing, poem and so on, abundant spiritual activities reflect they are always...

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Aramid Fiber and Yarn Garniture Tape, Cigarette Making Machine Parts

Garniture Tape used for Cigarette Making Machine.

GDX2 Cigarette Packing Machine For Hard Packet

GDX2 Cigarette Packing Machines, a high-speed model, has the capability of producing 400 hinge-lid packets per minute. It is stable and in high quality.

Cigarettes/Filter Rod Multifunctional Test Station series

It's used to test cigarette or filter rod in terms of length, suction resistence and diameter to identify the faulty ones. High quality and good performance.

CTP-L100/200 Cigarette Laser Perforation Machine Off Line

CTP-L100/200 Cigarette Laser Perforation Machine is used to do perforation in Tipping paper off line. High speed with great performance and good stability.

Cigarette Filter Rod Loading Tray For MK8 / MK9 /Protos 70

Used for the Tray filler of Cigarette Making Machine, or loading the filter rod. We can produce all kinds of size base on the customers' requirement.

Alloy Circular Blade For Cigarette Making Machine

We’re the professional manufacturer of cigarette machine parts. We can produce all kinds of size base on the customers' requirement.

Shisha Molasses Filling Machine

Molasses Filling Machine The machine is suitable for the packaging of sticky products,such as hot sauce,molasses,salloum etc.

YB95 Overwrappered Exquisite Packaging Machine

YB95 Overwrapper Exquisite Packaging Machine YB95 Overwrapper Exquisite Packaging Machine is a high-speed model, packing capable of producing 25 cartons per minute. It is in high qualit and popular.

RYO Roll Your Own Tobacco Pouch Filling Line

Instruction This line is used for RYO Roll-Your-Own Tobacco, which fills tobacco cut rag into small pouch. It is customized by sample from the customer. Its packaging process is from scattering tobacco, elevating, quantitative weighing, forming to sending out automatically, artificial bag packaging, then outer packaging by packaging machine. This line adopt the advanced technology from Oversea, we design it in a high quality, high-powered fully auto feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, printing date and product carry-out packaging machine after improving. This machine adopt PLC control, advanced touch screen, photocell auto orientation tracking, it can make the machine operation more simply, perfect, it is the best equipment for food line for high production efficiency, low labor intensity. Packaging Process Scattered Feeder — Elevator — Quantitative Weighing — Forming —Sending Out — Bagging by Manual — Outer Packaging Line unit Threshing Feeder +...

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