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High Speed Tipping Paper Cutting Machine
  • UBD101-1B
  • Guangzhou Port
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High Speed Tipping Paper Cutting Machine


SF-650C biaxial optical correction slitter is an improved design biaxial cutting machine that based on the imported slitter from Italy. The machine is suitable aluminum foil paper and tipping paper, film and self-adhesive paper etc. the large number of users’ feedback: this machine is easing to operate and excellent quality slitting disk, with High production efficiency. This is a good choice of paper progressing users.


1. Material maxinum diameters: φ1000mm

2. material maxinum width: 600mm

3. material inner core: φ76mm(3″)

4. finished product maxinum diameter: φ400mm

5. cutting mininum width: 40mm

6. cutting thickness: 0.01-0.1mm

7. speed: 0-150m/min

8. working surface: ≤0.5mm

9. rolling diameter: φ75mm

10. motor power: 3KW

11. weight:1.2 ton

12. outer size: 1800×1500×1300mm(L×W×H)

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