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Cigarette Packing Machine for Storage And Transfer Line
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Cigarette Packing Machine for Storage And Transfer Line


Cigarette Storage Conveyer is equipment researched and developed in China, which was used for linking high speed maker and packer reservoir with a large capacity.

Cigarette Storage Conveyer is equipment researched and developed in China, which was used for linking high speed maker and packer reservoir with a large capacity. The machine can convey the cigarettes steadily and perfectly from the maker to the packer and control the product flow in real time, coordinating the maker and the packer to the best running condition. It adopts technical advantages from the spiral steel belt storage system and brings forth new ideas, in order to improve the cigarette transporting function.
Cigarette Storage Conveyer has the leading technical competent in China and is suited to connect different middle speed of super high speed cigarette makers and packers. It can easily substitute for imported equipment and may even outperform foreign equivalents.



1. The Highest Running Speed: 20000cig/min

2. The Capacity of Reservoir: 90000-140000cig/min

3. Speed Range: 6500-20000cig/min

4. Fault Rate Cause Halting: 0.1%

Electrical Power Requirement

1 Rate Power: 6KVA

2 Voltage: 380±10% (Three Phases)

3 Frequency: 50HZ

Requirement For Environmental Condition

1 Ambient Temperature: -10°40°

2 Relative Humidity: 90%

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