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High Quality Cigarette Inner Frame Cutting Machine
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High Quality Cigarette Inner Frame Cutting Machine


SLF-800 High-speed Biaxial Cutting Machine is a improve design’s biaxial cutting machine base of the imported cutting machine in our company, widely used in aluminized paper, tipping paper, BOPP etc itemize and slitting. Through a large number of user’s practice show that this machine compact model, easy operation, good quality of disk slitting and high productivity, is the good choice of the paper processing user equipment selection. This machine is mainly used for longitudinal cutting drum paper, it’s a kind of high speed, large range of cutting width, high degree of automation of biaxial rolling slitting machine.  


1. Roller width                                 800mm

2. Maximum material width             ≤φ750mm

3. Unreeling diameter                    ≤φ1000mm

4. Rolling diameter                        ≤φ600mm

5. Slitting width                              40mm

6. Slitting thickness:                          0.01—0.1mm

7. Maximum running speed           250m/min(when rolling diameter is φ150m

8. The unevenness of slitting face≤±0.15mm

9. Cutting ways                             Disc knives way

10. Emptying diameter of axle        φ76mmgas expanded shaft

11. Total power                              15KW

12. Weight:                                        4.8ton

Boundary dimension                3205*3850*2750mm

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