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BYJ Tobacco Sewing Machine
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BYJ Tobacco Sewing Machine

The tobacco sewing machine is used to arrange the tobacco leaves or vegetable leaves and sewing them together into one chain.

BYJ Tobacco Sewing Machine is used for arranging the tobacco leaves or vegetable leaves and sewing them together into one chain. Refer to similar machines in Brazil and adopt 20 years' chain stitch technology of our company, this machine has exceeded the similar products in sewing quality and efficiency. It releases baccy worker form hand working, improve the working efficiency and ensure the fresh tobacco leaf air-drying in time, beautiful stitch , no impress on the leaf, no breaking and saving thread to make the machine popular among baccy workers.

Operation flow:

1. Lay one layer tobacco leaf on the worktable, put tobacco pole on them, then lay another tobacco leaf.

2. Shift the gear, and try to sewing the leaf by turning strap. If no unconventionality, start the motor.

3. After working to the right end, the machine will stop automatically by touch the position switch.

4. Turn back the gear, the machine come back to the jumping-off point.

Note: every layer includes 150-180 pieces leaf and it needs 25 seconds to sewing every pole.

Speed sewing: 320R/min;

Sewing Thickness: 50mm;

Outside size of head machine: 1220×1680×550mm ;

Sewing height: 1.2m-1.3m;

 Model of needle: gauge 20mm;

Power : 370W ;

Net weight: 130kg

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