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Tear Tape Slitting and Rewinder
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Tear Tape Slitting and Rewinder


This machine is specially used for slitting and winding  all kinds of narrow-band packaging materials. It’s one automatic production line controlled by the computer management. The major components of this device used microcomputer control, with the features of high speed, high precision, tension control and stability. Traversing pitch, end elements such as stop and tension can be adjusted freely. Duringoperation, the main parameters will display on the screen, so it will help the operators understand the operation on line. Failures can also be displayed accordingly; all these suggested that it is a high degree of automation.


The device is mainly used in tobacco industries, cigarette pull production. Proved its superior performance with the world’s most  advanced countries’ comparable products; compared with imported equipment, the device can better adapt to the domestic materials and processes at low prices can save a lot of capital investment, while the use of maintenance costs greatly reduced.


The machine is consist of cutting machine head(which is controlled by computer, constant tension correction discharge, fine cut correction, dynamic traction wire, silk waste winding/unwinding collector) and silk winding/unwinding frame( six independent line winding/unwinding devices per set and 6-12 sets integrated into a whole, called as single integrated head) .


All combinations of cutting machine head is the same (only the main control software are different), silk winding/unwinding frame are the same, only the quantity is different.





1. Power supply:


2. Power :


3. Max slitting speed:


4. Correction accuracy:


5. Maximum winding length:


6 Maximum length of material :


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