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1.New machinery parts package- Stock for uninterrupted production
    (1)Stock for a fixed period and number of shifts, at least one year
    (2)Including consumable, maintenance, and production security parts
    (3)Less failure period
    (4)Less annual procurement costs
2.Installation and Start-up service
    Start-up service includes installation, commissioning and acceptance testing of individual plants and complete line. Upperbond offers following services as customers’ requirement:
    (1)Supervision of mechanics, field wiring and Automation
    (2)Full craft installation:
        i Supervision of mechanics, field wiring and automation
        ii Local staff
        Iii Tools and lifting gear
    (3)Turnkey Project:
    i Supervision of mechanics, field wiring and automation
    ii Local staff training
    Iii On-the-spot logistics
3.Production Support
    On-the-spot support of technical and operating staff training, make sure the production line function smoothly.
    Support service key issues and period as your requirement.
    Offer specialized staff to support your manufacturing crew.
    Know-how transfer directly to your team as your wish.
    (1) Staff Training is a key issue for safe operation, less downtime, shorter maintenance times, better product quality and longer machine life.
    (2) Prudential Courses design according to participation knowledge acquirement ability
    (3) At the customer's site or at Upperbond.
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